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29th of November 2022

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2017 Nations Cup
21st to 23rd September
Tangier, Morocco

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2020 European Champions


Mens A Team - England
Mens B Team - France
Mens C Team - Malta
Ladies Team - England 'A'
Juniors - England 'A'
Under 23's - Ireland 'A'
Seniors - England 'A'
Over 60's - Ireland 'A'

Mens - Giuseppe D'Imperio (Eng)
Ladies - Leanne Cragg (Eng)
Juniors - Sean Walsh (Ire)
Under 23's - Dejan Grech (Mal)
Seniors - Adey Young (Eng)

The next International Event will be

2022 European Championship

2017 Nations Cup (hosted by Association Marocaine des Joueurs de Billard)
Live Streaming can be viewed here (YouTube)
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Announcement for 2017 Nations Cup
2017 Nations Cup

This year sees the Nations Cup being hosted by one of our recent new members - Morocco.
The event which will be held from 21st to 23rd September is already well supported by 10 member countries who have entered the event.

If your country would like to enter, or for further details, please contact George Harwood or Alan Benton.