Ladies Singles
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Thu 25th October 3pm
Jane Mitchell(Wal)50To Be Advised 1(L)
Joanne Taylor(Eng)45Megan Randle(Ire)
Kate Wringe(Eng)45Anne-Louise Arkle(Eng)
Sarah Coxon(Wal)50To Be Advised 2(L)
Leanne Cragg(Eng)52Carrie Randle(Ire)
S. French(Sco)05Kristy Dunn(Wal)
Suzanne Randle(Ire)15Stacey Hancock(Eng)
R. Bowie(Sco)51Jodie Lockett(Eng)
Lyndsey McKellar(Sco)35Katy Renfree(Eng)
J. Lowth(Sco)35Louise Maher(Ire)
L. Auchincloss(Sco)15Sandra Bryan(Ire)
Nikki Comrie(Sco)51Kim O'Brien(Ire)
Kate Hillman(Wal)54Karen Mowat(Sco)
Danielle Randle(Ire)50D. Cadwell(Sco)
Leanne Pearce(Wal)50H. Marr(Sco)
Louise Sutton(Sco)52Corinne Grattan(Wal)
Last 16 (9)
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Thu 25th October 7:30pm
Jane Mitchell(Wal)54Megan Randle(Ire)
Anne-Louise Arkle(Eng)52Sarah Coxon(Wal)
Leanne Cragg(Eng)51Kristy Dunn(Wal)
Stacey Hancock(Eng)50R. Bowie(Sco)
Katy Renfree(Eng)52Louise Maher(Ire)
Sandra Bryan(Ire)53Nikki Comrie(Sco)
Kate Hillman(Wal)15Danielle Randle(Ire)
Leanne Pearce(Wal)52Louise Sutton(Sco)
Quarter Finals (9)
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Sat 27th October 9pm
Jane Mitchell(Wal)25Anne-Louise Arkle(Eng)
Leanne Cragg(Eng)05Stacey Hancock(Eng)
Katy Renfree(Eng)45Sandra Bryan(Ire)
Danielle Randle(Ire)51Leanne Pearce(Wal)
Semi Finals (9)
Sun 28th October 9am
Anne-Louise Arkle(Eng)54Stacey Hancock(Eng)
Sandra Bryan(Ire)53Danielle Randle(Ire)
Final (9)
Sun 28th October 1pm
Anne-Louise Arkle(Eng)51Sandra Bryan(Ire)
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